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111 Central Ave.

Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Thursday - Tuesday

7AM - 3PM

Wednesday - Closed

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    Yerba Mate is a traditional herbal tea from south america made from the llex paraguariensis plant. The leaves and twigs are dry over fire then steeped with hot water, traditionally consumed with a special cup called a Gourd and a silver straw called Bombilla. It is said to be more energizing than coffee as beneficial for the body as green tea.

    At Cafe Guarani we serve traditional Yerba Mate as well as two variations originating from the Guarani people specifically the Paraguayan region of S.A.

Cocido which in Spanish translates to smoked and is literally what the name implies, the tea is smoked along with sugar cane to give it a more intense flavor and is traditionally consumed in company of variety of gluten free breads made with Tapioca starch called Mbeyu and Chipa both also served daily at Cafe Guarani.

The other variation is called Terere and is a cold version of the traditional Yerba Mate, typically infused with other herbs like mint or citrus.


Liliana Rodas de Araujo

Liliana Rodas de Araujo started working at her Family's diner "Rincon Alegre" at the age of 6 making empanadas and going off to sell them at the "Cruce Internacional" Bus Stop in Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay. After 10 years of waking up at 2AM to work 12 hour shifts she and her parents managed to save money to move to the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion. They were in charge of running the cafeterias of the University of Medical sciences in Asuncion and the University of Veterinarian sciences in San Lorenzo, Paraguay. While attending university she married Victor Araujo, son of Ofelia Schmoll de Araujo a renowned Chef and Instructor for the Institution of Culinary Arts of Paraguay. Ofelia born in Argentina and of German and Italian descent took Liliana in as her main apprentice passing on her knowledge and recipes. Liliana soon after developed a passion for pastry and cake decoration and both worked side by side on many projects, one such as catering an event for Pope St. John Paul II in the mid 90's. After a successful career with Ofelia, Liliana along with Victor and her 5 children moved to Pacific Grove, California where she continued her career in pastry at a few local Bakeries but due to lack of recognition and having to re-start from ground zero, she took a hiatus from the culinary industry and accepted a job as a phlebotomist at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula while honing her skills and gaining recognition through her online business, Liliana's Cakes. After thirteen years at CHOMP Liliana retired at the age of 60 and started Cafe Guarani LLC, a culmination of all her experience and knowledge.


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